Ryan McDowell

Ryan McDowell

Ryan McDowell

Ryan brings a true passion to coaching and teaching. Specializing in building better athletes by improved movement, Ryan combines this unique focus with knowledge and experience in movement assessment and corrective exercise.

Ryan has 16 years experience as Personal Trainer and over 6500 hours as a personal trainer, coach, instructor, and trainer of small and large groups. In addition to training, Ryan has conducted over 170 presentations for corporate, civic, athletic, and philanthropic organizations. He spent 3 years working with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger football, soccer, and wrestling teams. 

Ryan spent 8 years as a Division I Rugby player.

He lives in Hopkins with his wife and 3 sons. Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, working out with sandbags, and coaching rugby. 


Elizabeth Moline

Elizabeth is passionate about helping you gain the strength and confidence needed for you to continue your journey of life, wherever it may lead you. As the Maxmead Fitness Nutrition Coach, She is dedicated  to learning more into the realm of proper nutrition and how to effectively fuel your body. Elizabeth understands the need to prepare and will help you train for whatever sport or activity you choose.

With a background of High School hockey, Elizabeth turned that love of competition toward Olympic Weightlifting. She is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and the 2017 MN State 75kg champion.


Brad Loken

Brad believes in a no-nonsense approach to fitness. His passion for fitness has led him to believe that strength is the foundation to anyone who desires to be functional both in the gym and out in the world where it really matters.

Brad will work from the inside out to make sure you are building the strongest you that can be built.

He is passionate about helping people reach their best potential, improve their standard of living, and having fun while doing so.