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A picture of the Maxmead Fitness, CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning logo. Buaidh no bas is Gaelic for Conquer or Die.  It is embedded in the McDowell family crest, and a call to action for the Maxmead Fitness Family.

Clan Maxmead

Buaidh no bas is Gaelic for Conquer or Die.  It is embedded in the McDowell family crest, and a call to action for the Maxmead Family.  Our community pulls together to support each other as we conquer each goal.

Everyone's goals are different, and the Maxmead family respects that.  In fact, we are inspired by the variety and diversity or accomplishments. 

The family that plays together, stays together.  We feel community, and involvement is a key factor to long term success and endurance.  Together, we enjoy adventures from an inspired hike, to a competition team, we try it all.

Ryan McDowell

The visionary behind Maxmead fitness, Ryan has dedicated his professional career to helping everyone build the movement and strength they need to conquer new adventures.

With a solid foundation in the science behind movement, and years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach, Ryan knows exactly what it takes to help your body recover, stretch your capabilities and discover new ones.


  • Ryan has 18 years experience as Personal Trainer & Strength Coach as well as over 10,000 hours as a personal trainer, coach, instructor, and trainer of small and large groups. In addition to training, Ryan has conducted over 200 presentations for corporate, civic, athletic, and philanthropic organizations. 
  • B.S. Exercise Science, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Ryan spent 3 years working with the  Badger football, soccer, and wrestling teams.
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • FMS Level 1
  • CrossFit Olympic WeightLifting
  • Ryan competed in High school track, cross-country, & basketball, played rugby for 4 years at UW-Madison, and 8 years as a Division I player with the Metropolis Rugby Club, winning a Midwest Championship and appearing in 4 National Tournaments.

  • Residing with his wife and 3 sons in Hopkins, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family, running with his 2 dogs, working out with sandbags, and coaching rugby.

A picture of Ryan McDowell - owner and head coach/trainer at Maxmead Fitness, CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning.

Brad Loken

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Elizabeth Moline

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