This picture shows a man doing a pushup during a  Maxmead Fitness, CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning workout or WOD.

Fundamentals is our entrance to group classes. With private individual sessions, we ensure the absolute most attention to each of our new clients. This is imperative because each new client will come to us with their own goals, strengths and limitations. In our model at Maxmead Fitness, we can spend time on the things you personally need, allowing you to adequately prepare for a safe transition to our group classes as fast as possible.

New members build understanding, readiness, and ability of our foundation movements prior to graduating and  joining our Group Training classes.   Maxmead Fitness Fundamental students on average perform 8 sessions before graduating. 

WOD Class

 This picture shows a group class doing a dumbbell movement during a  Maxmead Fitness, CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning workout or WOD.

Maxmead Fitness Workout of the Day (WOD) class employs the CrossFit method, an old-school training philosophy of performing functional, full-body movements at varying intensities. Intended to be a fitness program for life, our CrossFit group classes will get you in the best shape by training all physical skills of the body; not just one or two. With "every class, every member" coaching, each athlete will receive coaching for their level of fitness in every CrossFit class.

Our one-hour WOD  classes are recommended for all levels of ability. Everyone walking in our doors has a vast range of personal goals and ability levels and the program is infinitely scalable to your ability. We know it looks intimidating, but you will always be led by expert coaches, every class.


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"The ability to seamlessly and effortlessly combine Primal Movement patterns through space to accomplish a known or novel task" -John Welbourn

That phrase is the guiding principle for our Full Strength program.  We build good movement, get you strong & fast, and send you out do your activity. Be it a field sport, or martial art or the full speed activity of being a rock star parent. 

Barbell strength work; sprinting; jumping and throwing. we make you more powerful.

Form follows Function. Train Fast, Be Fast.

Nutrition coaching

 This picture shows a group of high school athletes doing a kettle bell movement during a  Maxmead Fitness, CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning youth summer program.

Tired of the nutrition advice maze? Maxmead Fitness and our Partner, Power Athlete, will provide the guide take the guess work out of it. Speak with our coaches about tailoring a strategy specifically for you and you'll have your Nutrition Plan week, after week, after week!

Personal Training

 A picture of head coach Ryan McDowell demonstrating proper hand placement on a barbell.

Personal training is a great way to lay a solid foundation of proper form and mechanics. It’s also an excellent option for anyone that needs a little technical work on specific movements and/or skills that commonly appear in daily workouts.

Whether you’re looking to get that competitive edge by improving your Olympic Lifting technique, need to get Back to Action, or simply wanting a more simplistic approach to experiencing CrossFit, personal training is a powerful tool to achieve life-changing results.