We have a plan that is right for you. 

CrossFit WOD classes, Strength & Power training, or Personal training.

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Full Strength

Athleticism. Train Fast, Be Fast. These are the guiding principles for our Full Strength program.  We build good movement, get you strong & fast, and send you out do your activity. Be it a field sport, or martial art or the full speed activity of being a rock star parent. 

Barbell strength work; sprinting; jumping and throwing. we make you more powerful.


WOD Class

WOD (Workout of the Day) classes are recommended for all levels of ability. Using the CrossFit method, our one-hour group classes will get you in the best shape by training all physical skills of the body; not just one or two.

We know it looks intimidating, but our "every class, every member" method, each athlete will receive Expert coaching for their level of fitness ability in every CrossFit class.

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Personal Training

Personal Training serves 2 functions at Maxmead Fitness:  Entrance to WOD classes & Private training programs. 

With private individual sessions, we ensure the absolute most attention to each of our new clients. We spend time on the things you personally need and prepare for a safe transition to our group classes as fast as possible.