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Maxmead Fitness builds on the foundation of personal training principles, professional coaches, world-class facilities and a network of resources to prepare you for life. We offer a collection of private and group training programs for fitness, athletics and competitions, as well as the opportunity to participate in social outings and develop lifelong friendships.


The journey begins with a personal assessment of your goals, your strengths and your challenges.  From there, we collaborate on a plan to get your body on track. Regardless of your starting point, we take where you are today into account, and carefully craft a custom program.

As you get started, your coach gives you personal attention, building the foundation you need to get you through the Maxmead rite of passage. Once you've mastered the foundational skills, your plan expands to include group classes.  Social events, activities and community are part of the plan from day one!  The Maxmead family encourages each other, and values every milestone along the way.  


Goals are highly personal.  The Maxmead training model is designed to learn about you; where you are at today, and where you want to go. The one thing everyone has in common is that everyone is unique. We all need individual attention to succeed long term.

A proper assessment and a personalized game plan will make you be the best you possible.  Individual attention combined with training partners creates a unique environment.

Every package includes group classes with the option of adding personal training sessions with your coach. Goals change, your body changes and our commitment to training you for life takes that into account.