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We understand every person, situation, fitness level, and goals are unique, so we like to discuss this with each potential client individually and privately before starting any of our programs.

First, You start with a FREE  Intro Session with one of our coaches so that...

  • You and your coach can create an in depth understanding of your goals and assess where you are on your fitness journey. 
  • Your coach can provide you with a full explanation of our Fitness System, why it works and how it will apply to you.
  • You and your coach can mutually decide which is the best program within our Fitness System for you.

Next up, Maxmead Fundamentals. 

  • Our program of Individual sessions builds your base of strength and fitness while teaching you a host of exercise skills which will help propel you forward. You and your Coach will work determine the correct amount of sessions you need.
  • You will learn barbell moves, athletic warmup drills, personalized mobility & stretching plans, nutrition planning, and more.
  • Our Coach-for-Life Hybrid program will take shape for your jump to WOD classes.

Then, Graduation into Workout-of-the-Day (WOD) classes!

  • Here you join the rest of your clan members as we Train for Life and achieve your journey together!

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