Welcome Son Do!


We are excited to announce Son Do as the newest member of the Maxmead Fitness Coaching team!  A veteran of the US Army, Son has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and CrossFit coach in both large and small gyms. His passion for teaching movement and pushing everyone, including himself, to be the best possible comes across every time he teaches.

Son will be coaching Wednesday mornings to start and adding more slots as the summer approaches.

Please join us in welcoming Son Do and his family to the Maxmead Fitness Clan!

Slainte mhath!


"Coach for Life"


"Coach for Life"

And other things we believe.

“Coach for life”,  “Every class, every member”,  “Train for life”.


A few phrases you’ll hear from coaches and members at Maxmead Fitness. We would like to explain what these phrases mean to us.

Each of our coaches at Maxmead Fitness has a contagious excitement and enthusiasm for fitness and health. That is set by owner, Ryan McDowell. Ryan has been coaching for 18+yrs. He passes on an “open mind and empty cup” mentality onto Coach Brad and Coach Elizabeth. As a team we have set a strong philosophy that we coach and live by. We want to help others move well, improve quality of life, and strive for a healthy style of living. We want them to have an awesome experience at our gym. To have a community that they can depend on. To feel support from their coaches and other members.  

How do we setup this atmosphere at Maxmead Fitness?

We meet with members one-on-one. We are a CrossFit gym with group classes. However, we want to get to know our members better. Having a ‘coach for life’ means staying in contact with you. We want to know what activities you are interested in. What your hobbies are; how you spend your time outside of the gym; that way we can help you get the most out of the time you spend in the gym. The more we learn about you as an individual athlete, the more we can help you in a group fitness class.

When coaching group classes we believe in ‘every class, every member’. In every class, it is our goal to coach and impact every member in one way or another. Each athlete deserves the opportunity to improve each day. Additionally, having met one-on-one with your coach means there is a better understanding of what you are working towards. What movements are difficult, what extra work is needed, and any additional warm ups necessary for each individual.

Coaching with this philosophy we hope to prepare our members for whatever tasks they are taking on outside of the gym. Whether it’s being Mom, Dad, softball player, recreational skier, hockey player, or track star we want to help you move better and achieve your goals.

With 2018 right around the corner there is no better time to join with several great options:

  • Our New Year 2018 Fundamental class will start Jan 2nd.

  • Holiday Training Special is 4 personal training sessions for the price of 3.

Two great opportunities for you to start your fitness journey. It’s also the perfect gift idea for someone you think would benefit greatly from our philosophy! We are excited to help you or a loved one get started. Call, email, or even better stop in and ask all about


-Your Coaches at Maxmead Fitness

Ryan, Elizabeth, & Brad


All the Pieces to the Puzzle

open group picture .jpg

All The Pieces To The Puzzle

For those of you that have never experienced the Open, now having completed 17.1 & 17.2, you have an idea of the atmosphere and the workout intensity during an Open metcon. The Crossfit Open is a great time for the crossfit community to get together, and for you to experience the camaraderie of your gym. It is also a great time to take a step back and make sure that you are paying attention to all the pieces of the puzzle.

Often times we walk into the gym, crush a workout, leave the gym and continue with our busy lives. We forget to pay attention to the other aspects of our lives that affect our workouts. Diet and Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Mobility, and Recovery are all things we need to pay attention to in order to crush the open workouts.

Additionally, taking a few minutes to reflect on where your stress level is at, how much water you’ve had, or are you hungry or tired can help you determine what you need to do to recover. If you don't minimize your stressors, get enough rest, drink enough water, etc. it will show up in your metcon the next day. Taking the time to address all of the pieces of the puzzle will ensure that when you walk into the gym, you are ready for the workout.

You are in the gym an hour out of your day. If you are not paying attention to Diet, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and Recovery during the other 23 hours; it will be very hard for you to make the progress you hope to see. At Maxmead Fitness we want to help you reach your individual and personalized goals. As a member at Maxmead, you will have a one-on-one intro session with a coach to discuss your goals. We will encourage you to take time throughout your day to think about what you are doing outside the gym to support your goals.

Make sure you are covering all aspects of health. If you have any questions about how you can apply this to your life, ask your coach! We want every member of the clan to achieve their goals and live happy, healthy lives!