Personal Training


A Message from Maxmead Fitness member Ann Styx

Last February I was a 63 year old woman with high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, and knees that were giving out on stairs. I started working with a trainer at Maxmead Fitness once a week with one goal: hold off on knee treatment. I was gaining strength and endurance from my workouts which allowed me to hike National Parks in April pain free.

The big game changer was participating in the May “Whole Life Challenge”. The discipline and accountability was doable on a daily basis: 10 min exercise, no problem, 7 hours of sleep, mobility… all doable. The lifestyle nutrition tracking was challenging. But, like any addict, I knew I couldn’t say “just one chocolate won’t hurt me”. The weight melting off and energy levels increasing was the best motivation to stay on track.

After the challenge I am proud to say, I am 15 pounds lighter, have no more acid reflux or IBS, and I have dropped my cholesterol 60 points, and triglycerides 138 points! These are measurable results but the best outcome is my self esteem. I encourage everyone to consider doing the September Whole Life Challenge to combat the fall hibernation danger of couch sitting and carbs to prepare for the winter.

  ~ Ann Styx   "63 but feeling 50"

Join Ann and the rest of the Maxmead Clan for the September Whole Life Challenge starting September 16! Contact us or talk to your Coach for Life if you have questions.