Holiday Nutrition

Ask yourself this question. What does the holiday season mean to you? You can answer that with whatever values you hold most near and dear. For us at Maxmead Fitness it’s all about gathering with family and friends. It’s about taking time to give thanks and to emphasise on the things that we are most grateful for.
With that in mind, the food and drink that go along with the holidays are for gathering and bringing people together. There is no reason to ‘skip’ the holidays for a diet, you also don’t have to completely derail your nutrition goals until the new year. 

We want you to feel confident going into your parties and knowing that you are still kicking butt and staying on track! Here are a few simple tricks that we like to use! 

 Avoid Skipping Meals 
The number one mistake of the holidays is thinking that you’re going to ‘cut calories’ by skipping breakfast and lunch. In reality skipping these meals will make you prone to snacking and grazing throughout the day along with gorging at meal time. If you are able to get a healthy breakfast in the morning and have a few healthy snacks it will keep your blood sugar levels stable and help control appetite. Use this as your defense against all-day snacking and overeating. 

Enjoy Slowly   
No need to eat super quickly. Like we said earlier it’s all about spending time with family and friends. Take time to enjoy the company around you and the delicious meal that has been prepared. 
Let us give you a brief description of satiety. The feeling of satiety occurs due to a number of bodily signals that begin with food being consumed. Your body will send signals to your brain letting it know that nutrients are being absorbed, food is being digested, and you will start to feel full. Listen to these signals.


Be Prepared
Make sure that when you get home the fridge is stocked with ingredients for a few healthy meals and snacks. Just because you have one delicious, homemade meal with family does not mean it’s all over until January. It was one meal and you can get right back on track afterwards. If there are extras at the holiday dinner avoid taking them home. Making sure that you are drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and sticking with a regular workout routine will help you master the holidays!

Your coaches at Maxmead Fitness wish you a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy!