Chris and I started lifting weights and running together when we first met in 1991 in college. We had no money and so our dates were in the weight room.  We started Crossfit together in 2014 and transitioned to Maxmead in January 2017.

Chris and I still lift together. It's what we have always loved doing. Now when we travel for Chris's work he finds himself in boxes in California, Mexico, or even Switzerland. We stay consistent with our workouts. And, even though its not always coached in English we figure things out and meet some great people. Whenever we travel we find the closest Crossfit boxes to visit. 

Chris tore his ACL last year playing volleyball yet he still trains with Brad and Ryan nearly every day. The coaches have made sure he has made a great recovery. Chris and I PR'd our Crossfit total while on vacation this month at a Florida box and both our strict press and squats went went up in weight. We are both in our mid-forties and didn't expect to see those numbers move but the programming at Maxmead made this happen.  Since joining I have learned to string together my double unders and do handstand push ups!-not at all something I saw myself learning in the first few months.  

In the end it's the Maxmead community and great programming that keeps us going and consistent with our workouts. I think at Maxmead we have found the fountain of youth. There is nothing better than doing a handstand push up at our age: it makes us feel like we are 10 years old.