A Season for Giving Thanks

For us the season of gratitude starts with the twins’ birthday on October 30. Each year we have challenged them to collect their weight in food donations for our local food shelf in lieu of birthday presents. They love trying to match their weight and hauling all of those donations to the food shelf! We would all be very grateful if you could help them achieve their goal by bringing in your extra non-perishables by November 17.

Next up is Halloween! You may consider inviting the Switch Witch to your home this year to take that Halloween candy off your hands. Kids put their Halloween candy out the night after Halloween so the Switch Witch can take the candy and leave behind a wee gift in its place. Maxmead Fitness will be working with the Switch Witch and Operation Gratitude to collect the candy and ship it to our deployed troops and first responders overseas. Please ask the Switch Witch to drop off candy to Maxmead by November 10.

The next event in our season of giving thanks here at Maxmead will be the Wade's Army Workout on November 12. This is an open workout so all are welcome! Please bring your friends and family! The purpose of this workout is to raise awareness and funding for the fight against neuroblastoma – an underfunded pediatric cancer.

When Wade’s Army began in 2012, I listened to the story of Wade DeBruin’s fight against cancer, his leaving behind a twin sister and how his family picked up his fight against Neuroblastoma. Then I sat crying in my car, thinking of my twin boys, the same age as Wade and his sister.  The fact that childhood cancer research is underfunded prompted me to join Wade’s Army to help children fight for the chance to live the life they deserve. It could have been my kids. Each year since 2012, I enlist, get the shirt and perform Wade’s Workout.  My boys have joined in with me the past couple years.

Now I invite you to join me!

Come and do the workout. Support Wade’s Army and the battle against neuroblastoma by donating, or just by sharing your experience with others. Half the battle in the fight against pediatric cancer is awareness.

Wade’s Workout on November 12 also kicks off our new Sunday Workouts! We know how busy the holiday season gets, so once a month we will offer an additional workout on Sunday. Hopefully this will help you fit exercise in your schedule despite the many demands on your time.

We are grateful for each one of you and appreciate the time you choose to spend with your clan! Stay tuned for more special events during the Maxmead Season of Giving Thanks!

Fall Program and Schedule Changes

As the whole Maxmead Fitness clan settles into our fall/winter routine, the time came for us to review our new member process and class schedule. This lead our coaching team to try some new things.

First-New Members: 

All new Clan members will go through our NEW 90-Day Customer Experience (Psst: all existing members will see this too!).

The 90-Day Customer Experience will include:

  • Our Free First Day Intro Session
  • 12 Session Fundamentals Program: Small Group class or Individual

  • Graduation Workout ("Rite of Passage")

  • 1st Class with Coach for Life

  • 1 Week Check-in

  • 30 Day Check-in

  • 90 Day Check-in

We are all very excited to introduce this comprehensive program to your friends. Please ask you coach how we can help your family and friends Train For Life!

**Remember- $50 referral credit per person!


In order to make way for some of these changes, we are trying a schedule change through Thanksgiving. 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday- Same

Tuesday/Thursday -No 6:30am class. it will make way for a Fundamentals Class

Saturday- Kids Class 8:00am

Sundays-There will be 9:00 class on Nov. 12th, Dec. 3rd, & Jan 7th.  If you would like weekly Sunday classes, get to these events and bring a friend. 

We will be reviewing all the classes over the next 6 weeks to better serve your needs. Please send me any feedback, positive or negative.

Thank you.

Ryan McDowell



A Message from Maxmead Fitness member Ann Styx

Last February I was a 63 year old woman with high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, and knees that were giving out on stairs. I started working with a trainer at Maxmead Fitness once a week with one goal: hold off on knee treatment. I was gaining strength and endurance from my workouts which allowed me to hike National Parks in April pain free.

The big game changer was participating in the May “Whole Life Challenge”. The discipline and accountability was doable on a daily basis: 10 min exercise, no problem, 7 hours of sleep, mobility… all doable. The lifestyle nutrition tracking was challenging. But, like any addict, I knew I couldn’t say “just one chocolate won’t hurt me”. The weight melting off and energy levels increasing was the best motivation to stay on track.

After the challenge I am proud to say, I am 15 pounds lighter, have no more acid reflux or IBS, and I have dropped my cholesterol 60 points, and triglycerides 138 points! These are measurable results but the best outcome is my self esteem. I encourage everyone to consider doing the September Whole Life Challenge to combat the fall hibernation danger of couch sitting and carbs to prepare for the winter.

  ~ Ann Styx   "63 but feeling 50"

Join Ann and the rest of the Maxmead Clan for the September Whole Life Challenge starting September 16! Contact us or talk to your Coach for Life if you have questions.



The Whole Life Challenge: Let's Talk Nutrition


What does “good nutrition” mean to you?


You may have heard the saying “food is fuel” which to a certain point is true. Food is energy and when broken down provides our body with the energy we need. However food is much more than just fuel because our bodies are much more than machines. The food you eat is made up of Macronutrients and Micronutrients. If you body’s missing any of these key components no matter how much “fuel” is in the tank your body isn’t going to function properly.


So, seeing as how food is more than fuel-our body’s are much more than machines. For example when you leave town for a road trip and stop at the gas station to fill up the tank you know exactly how far you are going to get before you need to fill the tank up again. Switch that thinking over to how you “fuel” your body. There may have been a time where you ate less but still gained weight. Or, conversely, started eating breakfast and your jeans fit a bit better. We are much more than calorie in/calorie out machines. The human body is much more of a self regulating, complex, and dynamically responsive system than most machines!


So with that in mind and thinking about what good nutrition means to you. I’d like you to consider energy balance: When the body doesn’t get enough energy it starts to shut down and will try to conserve energy by shutting down processes we don’t absolutely need, including some parts of metabolism, reproduction, and brain function. We've all had an evening when you’re at work feeling extremely sluggish, you get home, have some dinner and feel refreshed. Your body needed some energy!


On the other side too much energy coming into the body can also cause problems. Inflammation may increase, plaques can form on vessels, and we can become resistant to important hormones such as insulin. Having an appropriate energy balance for good nutrition will help all the body’s processes to perform-Leaving you feeling healthy, fit, and strong.  


Throughout the Whole Life Challenge try and push yourself to try new dishes, new flavors, and to look at your food as fuel for your body. The website www.wholelifechallenge.com  has wonderful recipes and check out this article for some great food prep ideas!


Let your coaches know if you have any questions during the challenge! We're here to help!


-Ryan, Brad, Elizabeth, and Brian

Buaidh No Bas  



Chris and I started lifting weights and running together when we first met in 1991 in college. We had no money and so our dates were in the weight room.  We started Crossfit together in 2014 and transitioned to Maxmead in January 2017.

Chris and I still lift together. It's what we have always loved doing. Now when we travel for Chris's work he finds himself in boxes in California, Mexico, or even Switzerland. We stay consistent with our workouts. And, even though its not always coached in English we figure things out and meet some great people. Whenever we travel we find the closest Crossfit boxes to visit. 

Chris tore his ACL last year playing volleyball yet he still trains with Brad and Ryan nearly every day. The coaches have made sure he has made a great recovery. Chris and I PR'd our Crossfit total while on vacation this month at a Florida box and both our strict press and squats went went up in weight. We are both in our mid-forties and didn't expect to see those numbers move but the programming at Maxmead made this happen.  Since joining I have learned to string together my double unders and do handstand push ups!-not at all something I saw myself learning in the first few months.  

In the end it's the Maxmead community and great programming that keeps us going and consistent with our workouts. I think at Maxmead we have found the fountain of youth. There is nothing better than doing a handstand push up at our age: it makes us feel like we are 10 years old.

All the Pieces to the Puzzle

open group picture .jpg

All The Pieces To The Puzzle

For those of you that have never experienced the Open, now having completed 17.1 & 17.2, you have an idea of the atmosphere and the workout intensity during an Open metcon. The Crossfit Open is a great time for the crossfit community to get together, and for you to experience the camaraderie of your gym. It is also a great time to take a step back and make sure that you are paying attention to all the pieces of the puzzle.

Often times we walk into the gym, crush a workout, leave the gym and continue with our busy lives. We forget to pay attention to the other aspects of our lives that affect our workouts. Diet and Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Mobility, and Recovery are all things we need to pay attention to in order to crush the open workouts.

Additionally, taking a few minutes to reflect on where your stress level is at, how much water you’ve had, or are you hungry or tired can help you determine what you need to do to recover. If you don't minimize your stressors, get enough rest, drink enough water, etc. it will show up in your metcon the next day. Taking the time to address all of the pieces of the puzzle will ensure that when you walk into the gym, you are ready for the workout.

You are in the gym an hour out of your day. If you are not paying attention to Diet, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, and Recovery during the other 23 hours; it will be very hard for you to make the progress you hope to see. At Maxmead Fitness we want to help you reach your individual and personalized goals. As a member at Maxmead, you will have a one-on-one intro session with a coach to discuss your goals. We will encourage you to take time throughout your day to think about what you are doing outside the gym to support your goals.

Make sure you are covering all aspects of health. If you have any questions about how you can apply this to your life, ask your coach! We want every member of the clan to achieve their goals and live happy, healthy lives!


Intramural Open

The CrossFit Open

Coach Brad getting his Bar Muscle Ups ready for 2017 CrossFit Open

Coach Brad getting his Bar Muscle Ups ready for 2017 CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is less than a week away and many of our members have questions about what The Open means for Maxmead Fitness. We are here to answer those questions for you.
What is the CrossFit Open? The Open is an annual 5-week competition that takes place in February and March. CrossFit affiliates around the world participate in The Open. EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to participate, regardless of fitness level or experience. Every workout has an RX and scaled option. Know that even if the scaled version seems too difficult, we can scale it even further for you.

Again, I cannot stress this enough: The Open is for EVERYONE, regardless of your fitness level!

Why do we do The Open? 

On a large scale, we do The Open to grow and enhance our community at Maxmead Fitness. We want to have fun, test ourselves against our gym friends, give you the chance to test yourself against yourself from previous years. On a small scale, we do The Open to test our fitness as a community against hundreds of thousands of athletes from around the world. With that said, we HIGHLY encourage each of you to sign up to be a part of this fun-filled community event.

How will Maxmead Fitness host The Open events?

Beginning February 25th, we will host Open events every Saturday morning for five weeks. The Saturday morning WOD will be the workout scheduled for The Open that week. The 9am class will be extended by one hour, and take place from 9am to 11am.

Everyone who is interested in participating will be divided into 3 Intramural Teams (i.e. Team Ryan, Team Elizabeth, & Team Brad) — yes, you will be choosing better team names! Details on Team scoring to follow.  And there will be a post-Open community party on Saturday, March 25th! It pays to be a winner!

Ok this sounds like fun! So how do I join in?

Registration is simple.  Sign up on the main board in the gym.  Intramural Teams will be announced next Wednesday.  We will be using SugarWOD to track our results. Each Friday, there will be a Google Doc to sign up for specific Saturday heat times.

If you would like to compare your results to friends or within the great CrossFit community, go to the CrossFit games site to register.

The Open is one of the best events held annually by gyms all around the globe. It is a fantastic way for you to have fun with your gym community, cheer on everyone, and surround yourself with fitness!

We hope to see you all there!

Brad, Elizabeth, & Ryan