Its a beautiful sunny day in April. We are usually beginning the commencement of the non-winter outdoor activities. But Old Man Winter has a few more tricks for us.

However, the snow will melt; the grass will green. And golf/softball/trail running/[insert spring activity] will start soon.  

So, go prepare. Get to the gym and lift weights to build your power for hitting more doubles this year. Throw those med balls against the wall to develop your club head speed. Practice your arm swing & high knee drills to hone your running form.

Build a plan to help improve your performance. 

Don't complain. Prepare. Spring is coming and your game will thank you.

-Ryan McDowell

Welcome Son Do!


We are excited to announce Son Do as the newest member of the Maxmead Fitness Coaching team!  A veteran of the US Army, Son has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach, and CrossFit coach in both large and small gyms. His passion for teaching movement and pushing everyone, including himself, to be the best possible comes across every time he teaches.

Son will be coaching Wednesday mornings to start and adding more slots as the summer approaches.

Please join us in welcoming Son Do and his family to the Maxmead Fitness Clan!

Slainte mhath!


The CrossFit Open at Maxmead Fitness

We asked Coach Ryan to tell us all about the "The Open" and how Maxmead Fitness makes it unique.

What is "The Open"? 

The CrossFit Open is a five-week competition, which will test strength, endurance, and aspects of gymnastics. An estimated 500,000 CrossFit athletes from all over the world will participate. Everyone from professional athletes to everyday moms & dads. 

The Open works like this: Every Thursday at 7 pm, a workout is announced. Everyone has four days to complete it, with  a judge or on tape. Simple. 

We host an event each weekend to perform the workout together.

  • Saturday Feb. 24
  • Saturday March 3
  • Sunday March 11
  • Saturday March 17
  • Saturday March 24

Why does Maxmead Fitness choose to participate in The Open?

In addition to being a fun way to get together and have fun, The Open allows the Maxmead Fitness clan a chance to test their training within the gym and with people from around the world. Paired with the arrival of warmer weather, this event also springboards our  "play season".  After The Open, Maxmead Fitness members get outside more: running road races; warming up for golf season; tuning up bikes; and dusting off bats & gloves. The Open marks the beginning of the outside "play season" which we all heartily welcome!

Who can participate?

Anyone! There are official Standard (RX) or scaled versions of each workout. We can adjust the movements for anyone. You get the chance to compete, enjoy the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and if you want, to measure your score against others of your ability.

How could participation in the Open fit into member's 2018 goals?

Competition can help bring out the best in each of us. The encouragement from a room full of people striving for a new level can lead you to new personal records or to surprise yourself in your mental fitness.  Pushing your limits will unlock future growth. The Open is a great way to bust through.

How does Maxmead do the Open differently from other CrossFit gyms?

We hold our events on Saturday (and 1 Sunday) morning. We encourage the whole clan to come and make it a family-friendly, inclusive event. We create intramural teams who compete with one another earning points through participation, costumes, and fun! At Maxmead the path to team victory is focused on the effort and fun rather than an individual Open score.



Super Bowl Drop-ins


Super Bowl week is here in Minneapolis!  

Visiting CrossFit athletes we have you covered! 

Come and train with our experienced coaches while you enjoy our great city.

$25 for a single day and $40 for Thursday through Sunday.

Our Super Bowl Weekend Schedule:

Thursday 2/1 & Friday 2/2

  • 5:30am WOD
  • 9:30am WOD
  • 12:00pm WOD
  • 4:30pm WOD
  • 5:30pm WOD

Saturday 2/3 & Sunday 2/4

  • 9:30am WOD
  • 10:30-11:30am Open Gym


Whole Life Challenge Starts 1/20!


Many of our clan have set New Year's resolutions and fitness goals for 2018. If any of those goals include changes to nutrition, exercise, may want to consider joining our next Whole Life Challenge. Maxmead has a team doing the Whole Life Challenge for the 4th session in a row! Why do we keep doing this? Simply because it works. There are other nutrition challenges out there, many diet plans and workout schedules as we have all seen. Many of us have tried them at one point but found they weren't sustainable. To truly see results in fitness, nutrition, overall wellness we have to incorporate those changes into our lifestyle. Consider your New Year's resolutions. If you want to lose weight, will that diet you found online help you achieve that goal? Possibly. But do you plan to eat like that for the rest of your life? Unlikely. So if you aren't changing your eating habits permanently, you may lose the weight but as soon as your diet is over, that weight is likely to come right back.

The Whole Life Challenge is focused on implementing 7 healthy habits - incorporating them into your lifestyle to achieve permanent change. The focus is on mindfulness in areas of our lives where we may not be paying enough attention for optimum health. The best part about the WLC though is the accountability and support. You aren't making these changes alone. You have a team of people experiencing the same thing supporting you and encouraging you to succeed! Let's look at each of the 7 habits and I'll share what I've learned from past challenges.

1. Nutrition - this is the one people are most worried about. No sugar?! What?! There are 3 different levels to this challenge. Pick the one that is right for you! Remember baby steps and sustainable change are the goal. From the first challenge (I chose Kickstart level) I found that I had not been eating in a purposeful way. I was surprised at how often I grabbed a handful of cereal while cooking breakfast for my family. Or how often I relied on a protein bar to get me through the work day. The WLC opened my eyes to the unhealthy habits I had adopted and helped me focus on proper nutrition without feeling deprived! I lost inches and kept them off. It wasn't as hard as I expected it to be! And our community has been great at sharing excellent compliant recipes!

2. Exercise - another one many of us worry about. We all have busy lives and the idea of getting to the gym to workout every day is overwhelming and for many, just won't work. That's ok! For the WLC, the challenge is to exercise for 10 minutes each day. This can be as simple as taking a walk. You don't have to schedule 1.5 hrs to get a workout in. Everyone can find 10 minutes in their busy day to prioritize moving their body! For me, this meant putting in earbuds and joining conference calls from my phone rather than my desk. If I didn't need to be in front of my computer, why sit for an hour? I could participate on the call while walking the halls of my building. (Yes, multitasking is my life.)

3. Mobilize - hands down the one that people find the most challenging, yet also the most beneficial! How many of us even think about mobility on a daily basis? If you have a good coach/trainer they get you to mobilize before and after a workout, but are you doing it on your own as well? The challenge is to stretch 10 minutes a day. That's it. I found it so easy to stretch while checking my email on my phone in the morning or while watching TV in the evening. Once you make it a priority, it isn't hard to incorporate in your daily life. And the benefits are profound! Not everyone feels the benefits of daily mobility right away, but you will definitely feel them down the road as your body ages.

4. Sleep - no you don't have to commit to 8+ hours every night. You choose the duration of sleep that you know is best for you and works with your lifestyle. I've never needed a lot of sleep so I wasn't worried about this aspect of the challenge. However I learned that what time I went to bed and what I did right before sleep was important to my overall feeling of restfulness.

5. Hydrate - the WLC says "there is no simpler way to improve your health than to increase your water intake". So very true! Water is life. But many people start their day with coffee, switch to soda, and finish with wine; completely forgetting the water. Those other beverages don't count! Your body needs water throughout the day. Since water is easily accessible, this should be an easy one.

6. Well-Being - each week a new action is announced. Some are easy, like encouraging your teammates in their journey each day. Some are more challenging like meditating for 10 minutes each day. The focus is to get you thinking about and practicing activities that can improve your overall well-being. They may take you out of your comfort zone and you may discover something that has a profound impact that you want to continue long-term. I have kept up with the brain-dump technique and journaling each day. Both of these practices help me stay focused and keep the feelings of overwhelm and stress at bay.

7. Reflect - as part of the handy app you use during the challenge, you score yourself on each habit and reflect on the day. The reflection isn't contributing to your memoirs, its simply a couple of notes on how the day went. What habits were hard to follow that day. Or what successes you experienced. This is also where that accountability and support come in. Your teammates see your reflection and can comment. This is where we offer words of encouragement and support. This is where you know you aren't doing this challenge alone - your Maxmead clan has your back and wants you to succeed!

A final note about how this WLC session is different from past sessions. It's only 6 weeks long instead of 8! I'm so encouraged by this because it's always those last 2 weeks that I start dragging. After 6 weeks I feel like I've accomplished a lot and can end on a high note! Below is a link to the WLC Team explaining why they changed the challenge to 6 weeks as well as a link to the Maxmead Team sign up. I hope you will join me on this journey!

Sign up here:

Your 2018 New Years Resolution Guide:



Everyone has them. The infamous New Year resolutions. Whether it’s eating better, losing weight, goals for in the gym, out of the gym, goals of travel, for school, sleep. Everyone has different things to work on but the common theme with the resolutions is not following through with them. We have put together a few simple steps that we use at Maxmead to help our members reach their goals.


  1. Coming up with a plan- It is easy to say you are going to do something. “I am going on a diet.” “I am going to start a new workout routine.” “I am going to be more consistent with going to the gym.” Whatever it is you say you’re going to do, if there is not an action plan to follow it is very difficult to stick with. What do I mean by action plan? I mean sitting down and writing out ways that you are going to make these goals achievable. For example, you write down that your goal is to start the Whole 30 for the month of January. Next is taking a look at your schedule and lifestyle at the moment. What things will you need to change? What things might get in the way? From there you can come up with actions to help you be successful. One might be your work schedule is crazy and to be successful you need to spend Sunday evenings going to the grocery store and preparing food for the week. You can then take that action plan and plug the time you need for food prep into your schedule on your phone or daily planner.

  2. Starting Small- If you have a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) we are behind you 100% and say GO FOR IT! What we suggest for these life changing goals is to start small. What we mean by this is instead of changing everything all at once, start making a few changes every week. From step one you will have an action plan. If your goal requires you to make a lot of changes, start with a few and add changes as you go along. Like the old saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes time, practice, and repetition for these new lifestyle changes to set in.

  3. Community- Let people know what your goals are! Be excited about them and share them. Share your plan of action with your gym community, your family, your friends. Talking more about your action plans will help keep you accountable and someone you share with may have some great feedback or advice for you. When you include others and let them know your goals it can help you stay motivated, positive, and on track. It is also nice to have a community help you celebrate your small victories along the way.


When we have a new member join our clan at Maxmead they meet one-on-one with Coach Ryan, Coach Elizabeth, or Coach Brad for an  intro session. The goal for us is to have a better understanding of our new member. We try to get the whole picture of what their life looks like at the moment. We want to know how your sleep is, what stressors are apparent, how is nutrition and water intake, what are your lifestyle habits, what does your exercise routine look like, how often do you stretch? All of these things factor into your time spent at the gym and to best help you succeed we need to reach more of your life than the hour that you spend in class. From learning more about you we can then give you action steps. Small changes that you can make right away rather than big changes that are easy to give up on from being overwhelmed. From these small changes we help you along the way and will give you further steps to take down the road. This is why we call ourselves your ‘Coach for Life’. We want to see you succeed!


We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others with better movement, nutrition, and a friendly, welcoming community that is a blessing to be a part of. If you are interested in joining our clan, or know someone who might be a good fit don’t hesitate to send us a message!


Goodbye to 2017 and all the wonderful lessons we have learned, friends we have made, experiences, and growth along the way and Hello to 2018 and a new adventure! We can’t wait to hear what your goals are and how we can help you succeed!


"Coach for Life"


"Coach for Life"

And other things we believe.

“Coach for life”,  “Every class, every member”,  “Train for life”.


A few phrases you’ll hear from coaches and members at Maxmead Fitness. We would like to explain what these phrases mean to us.

Each of our coaches at Maxmead Fitness has a contagious excitement and enthusiasm for fitness and health. That is set by owner, Ryan McDowell. Ryan has been coaching for 18+yrs. He passes on an “open mind and empty cup” mentality onto Coach Brad and Coach Elizabeth. As a team we have set a strong philosophy that we coach and live by. We want to help others move well, improve quality of life, and strive for a healthy style of living. We want them to have an awesome experience at our gym. To have a community that they can depend on. To feel support from their coaches and other members.  

How do we setup this atmosphere at Maxmead Fitness?

We meet with members one-on-one. We are a CrossFit gym with group classes. However, we want to get to know our members better. Having a ‘coach for life’ means staying in contact with you. We want to know what activities you are interested in. What your hobbies are; how you spend your time outside of the gym; that way we can help you get the most out of the time you spend in the gym. The more we learn about you as an individual athlete, the more we can help you in a group fitness class.

When coaching group classes we believe in ‘every class, every member’. In every class, it is our goal to coach and impact every member in one way or another. Each athlete deserves the opportunity to improve each day. Additionally, having met one-on-one with your coach means there is a better understanding of what you are working towards. What movements are difficult, what extra work is needed, and any additional warm ups necessary for each individual.

Coaching with this philosophy we hope to prepare our members for whatever tasks they are taking on outside of the gym. Whether it’s being Mom, Dad, softball player, recreational skier, hockey player, or track star we want to help you move better and achieve your goals.

With 2018 right around the corner there is no better time to join with several great options:

  • Our New Year 2018 Fundamental class will start Jan 2nd.

  • Holiday Training Special is 4 personal training sessions for the price of 3.

Two great opportunities for you to start your fitness journey. It’s also the perfect gift idea for someone you think would benefit greatly from our philosophy! We are excited to help you or a loved one get started. Call, email, or even better stop in and ask all about


-Your Coaches at Maxmead Fitness

Ryan, Elizabeth, & Brad


Holiday Nutrition

Ask yourself this question. What does the holiday season mean to you? You can answer that with whatever values you hold most near and dear. For us at Maxmead Fitness it’s all about gathering with family and friends. It’s about taking time to give thanks and to emphasise on the things that we are most grateful for.
With that in mind, the food and drink that go along with the holidays are for gathering and bringing people together. There is no reason to ‘skip’ the holidays for a diet, you also don’t have to completely derail your nutrition goals until the new year. 

We want you to feel confident going into your parties and knowing that you are still kicking butt and staying on track! Here are a few simple tricks that we like to use! 

 Avoid Skipping Meals 
The number one mistake of the holidays is thinking that you’re going to ‘cut calories’ by skipping breakfast and lunch. In reality skipping these meals will make you prone to snacking and grazing throughout the day along with gorging at meal time. If you are able to get a healthy breakfast in the morning and have a few healthy snacks it will keep your blood sugar levels stable and help control appetite. Use this as your defense against all-day snacking and overeating. 

Enjoy Slowly   
No need to eat super quickly. Like we said earlier it’s all about spending time with family and friends. Take time to enjoy the company around you and the delicious meal that has been prepared. 
Let us give you a brief description of satiety. The feeling of satiety occurs due to a number of bodily signals that begin with food being consumed. Your body will send signals to your brain letting it know that nutrients are being absorbed, food is being digested, and you will start to feel full. Listen to these signals.


Be Prepared
Make sure that when you get home the fridge is stocked with ingredients for a few healthy meals and snacks. Just because you have one delicious, homemade meal with family does not mean it’s all over until January. It was one meal and you can get right back on track afterwards. If there are extras at the holiday dinner avoid taking them home. Making sure that you are drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and sticking with a regular workout routine will help you master the holidays!

Your coaches at Maxmead Fitness wish you a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy!

Sunday Classes!


After popular demand, we are proud to add a Sunday class to our schedule. 

Starting this weekend, November 12th, we will have class at 9:00am on Sunday.

It starts with Wade's Day workout a benefit to help battle the children's cancer, Neuroblastoma. All dropping fees will be donated to Wade's Army.

Then continues through the remainder of the year:

  • November 19
  • December 3
  • December 10
  • December 17

*Skipping the holiday weekends

Join us this Sunday!